Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
LiveChat E-commerce

In the world of E-commerce, it's all about providing an optimal user experience. It is therefore important to provide good customer service. With MisterChat's livechat you can quickly and easily get in touch with potential customers. MisterChat offers a livechat service especially for E-commerce companies. We provide quality leads and a professional online service. 

  • Available 24/6 (Monday to Saturday).
  • Answer questions within 5 seconds.
  • Convert website visitors into concrete leads.
  • Get the most out of website visitors
  • Boost customer satisfaction 

We answer the livechat so you can focus on more important tasks. All advantages, prices and examples at a glance?

Branche specialism

Through years of experience in the E-commerce world, we know what is being asked of us and we can immediately switch between leads.

Fast and quility service

Responding within 5 seconds, fast and high-quality service is guaranteed. Our chat masters are trained to respond quickly and professionally. 

Extended opening hours

If you use the livechat, you can be reached 24/6, from 07:00 in the morning to 24:00 in the evening.

Why you outsource your livechat

One of the biggest advantages of MisterChat's livechat is its industry specialism. MisterChat has a lot of experience in the E-commerce world and knows exactly what customers find important. This way, MisterChat employees can give specific advice and answer questions about products, prices and delivery times, for example.  

People are impatient, especially in the online world, everyone wants to be helped as quickly as possible. Website visitors often have questions about products and services and want a quick answer. With MisterChat's livechat, questions are answered quickly and potential customers can be helped immediately. This increases the chance of conversion and customer satisfaction. 

five stars for our live chat

"Website visitors can easily chat with us. More leads through the live chat function."


Improve your online service & accessibility

With MisterChat's livechat you are open 24/6. Due to the wider opening hours, website visitors can be helped more often and faster. This ensures better service and can lead to higher customer satisfaction. It is also possible to link MisterChat's livechat service to other software such as CRM systems. This allows e-commerce companies to work more efficiently and gain more insight into customer behavior. MisterChat's livechat runs 6 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Customer experience the key to success

On average, 65% of customers stop buying from a brand after experiencing poor customer service. Being easily and quickly accessible online is becoming increasingly important. Stand out from the competition by betting with MisterChat's livechat. Longer opening hours and better online service ensure a better customer experience. 

In addition, MisterChat's livechat also offers the possibility of proactive chatting. This means that a chat window is opened when the website visitor visits a certain page. This makes it possible to respond immediately to questions or problems that the website visitor may have. This increases the chance of conversion and can persuade potential customers to make a purchase.

Never miss another opportunity

"Your prospect in 2022 expects hyper-personalised service, real-time contact and non-stop hospitality. If they don't get that, they're gone"

Jan Pieter Vreeken

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