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  • Experience for 7 days, free of charge, how valuable personal LiveChat is for your business. You’ll be sold!
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  • Onboarding
  • € 1,- per minute
  • Monthly cancellation
  • Weekly report
  • 6 days from 7:30 am to 11.00 pm
  • Available in Dutch and English
  • LiveChat maintenance
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Upon request

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  • A fully customized plan to your wishes

Your expected costs per month:

  • An average SMB in the B / C with 10,000 website visitors gets about 30 chats per month. In other words, approximately 110 euros per month.
  • An average SME in the B / B with 2,000 website visitors gets about 20 chats per month. In other words, approximately 70 euros per month.

The process

Free onboarding. Telephone intake, coordination of frequently asked questions and answers. Coordination of the form and location of the LiveChat.

After 7 days a personal evaluation based on an extensive report on the results.


You will receive an email from every chat action with the complete customer case plus name, telephone number and email. You will receive a report every week.

Client in the spotlight


"We have great confidence in MisterChat and the way they interact with our customers. In addition, DR3Data aims to make it as easy as possible for its website visitors - especially in these bizarre times - to get in touch with us. In addition to our contact forms and WhatsApp Business, MisterChat offers an additional and accessible way of getting in touch.

We have been using MisterChat for three weeks now and we are already enthusiastic. We have been introduced to interesting prospects and have had the opportunity to make several proposals.

With the help of MisterChat, website visitors can ask questions in a simple way, to which they also get immediate answers. The lines of communication are short. In addition to short lines of communication and ease of access, it saves time. A nice extra is the chat report, with an overview of all chats and contact details for the past week".

- DR3Data

Review Live Chat van MisterChat

Client in the spotlight

Von Marcken

"We have been using MisterChat for two months now and we are very pleased with the service! We are very satisfied with the speed with which they respond to our customers. We have already generated numerous new customer contacts on our website and have been able to create new orders. In addition, we have gained relationships that were completely new to us. They present themselves as a scalable, flexible, decisive 'integrated partner', which completely relieves us of our need for commercial growth".

- Jan Willem Merkens


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