Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service

WhatsApp Chat

Via WhatsApp Chat you can easily share images, prices, videos or locations. This immediately creates clarity in a conversation, but it can also be used for commercial opportunities.

With MisterChat's 'WhatsApp Chat' you offer lightning-fast service 24/6 to more than 1 billion users on WhatsApp.

  • 1 billion people use WhatsApp every day
  • 65 billion WhatsApp messages are sent per day
  • On average, 195 minutes per week are spent on WhatsApp

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Don't miss any more opportunities.

The majority of entrepreneurs on social media respond too late to messages or even do not respond at all. The chances are that you belong to this group. This is a shame, because there is a good chance that your lead will subsequently choose the competition. With our WhatsApp Chat module, we intercept every customer contact for you. This will prevent pressure on your organisation, ensure that you do not miss any opportunities and maintain customer satisfaction. 

Customer Service

With MisterChat you take your company's customer service to the next level. Not only do we deploy well-tested and highly rated software, we also staff them with experienced live chat operators. You can do what you do best, we provide an optimal customer service at all times of the day.