Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
Personally manned
Live Chat on your Amazon marketplace

Have you chosen Amazon, the largest marketplace in the world? Do you want to boost your business and boost your brand? By outsourcing the Live Chat at MisterChat, you ensure that your customer service perfectly matches the needs of your customer.

Our advantages 

Every question answered within 5 minutes by one of our professionals

From 07.00 to 24.00, 6 days a week personal customer service

Connection with your CRM and CMS possible


What is Live Chat?

98% of your online visitors leave without leaving anything behind. Those are missed opportunities for you as an entrepreneur. Live Chat is a proactive tool that beats all other communication tools, which actually increase the threshold. 52% opt for Live Chat compared to 23% telephone and 22% email.

Why should I outsource Live Chat?

Your relationship's buying behavior changes dramatically. He is online 24 hours a day and very eager to discover new products. He doesn't take the time to spend long on your site. Personal and fast attention to the online visitor plays a more important role than ever. If you are not there for him, he will continue surfing to your competitor.

And that is exactly where the shoe pinches, because you as an entrepreneur do not have time to intercept online visitors within 10 seconds, day and night. That's why we do it for you, so you don't miss any opportunities.

How do you know how to give the correct answer?

Every client starts with a personal onboarding. The most common questions and answers are discussed and recorded in your knowledge base. After the start with Live Chat, your knowledge base grows automatically with every contact moment. As a result, we are very well able to answer questions, but above all to secure the questioner as a potential customer for you.

Answer to all your questions

Is your question not listed here? Then take a look at our extensive list of frequently asked questions or contact us. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or use our chat function to get an immediate answer to your question.