Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
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Customer communication flourishes with LiveChat. With Personal LiveChat we quickly receive your anonymous website visitor in an accessible way. In this way we create quick and effective contact with interested parties. The result: More conversion, more service, more leads. In short: you will not miss out on customer opportunities! Our service also means a reduction in incoming e-mail and telephone traffic.

Pure Personal LiveChat is the best way to convert website visitors to customers.


You find it logical that you would like to buy from a store where you are received pleasantly, compared to a store where you are not received friendly. If the store employee also helps you further with your search for that matching item of clothing, you will be happy to return to that store!

Research has shown that 63% of website visitors who have used the Personal LiveChat will sooner or later return to your website. In other words: you have given the visitor an unforgettable experience and that is appreciated!

five stars for our live chat

Every evening (online) shopping evening. Extensive chat times provide us with many customers.

Ingeborg Spruijt - Kooyman Eigen Huis


One of the main goals is lead generation. Because visitors are served quickly, accurately and sympathetically, even until the early hours, this is generally appreciated. As a result, your customer is almost always willing to leave his personal information. The sales and marketing department knows only too well what to do with this!

Customer communication flourishes with Personal LiveChat. There are, however, a number of important conditions. Today's customer does not want to wait: he must be "intercepted" by a competent employee within a maximum of five seconds. At any time of the day!

Providing this low-threshold customer contact should be maximal. A negative experience by waiting too long or even no response is disastrous for customer satisfaction. Websites with low visitor numbers can also run into problems when there is a peak on the website.

Experience has shown that 90% of all companies cannot manage to have a complete team conduct customer contact throughout the week. The costs are too high and it is therefore impossible to obtain coverage.

Never miss another opportunity

"Your prospect in 2022 expects hyper-personalised service, real-time contact and non-stop hospitality. If they don't get that, they're gone"

Jan Pieter Vreeken

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