Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
23 december 2021
What are the disadvantages of a chatbot? MisterChat answers!

It seems like an easy solution, a chatbot. But often it brings along many problems. MisterChat lists the most common disadvantages for you. Read on or contact us if you are interested in MisterChat.

A chatbot frustrates your customers!

The most common disadvantage is that chatbots can lead to frustration among (potential) customers. These frustrations are often caused when a chatbot does not answer the customer's question, or answers it incorrectly. Moreover, these frustrations can lead to the potential customer abandoning his purchase on the website and buying from a competitor. 

At MisterChat we do not let your customers down! We make sure that your customers get the best and quickest service possible for all their questions. This optimal customer service stimulates your customer to make a purchase on your website.

Chatbots make mistakes

Chatbots are often not error-free. This is because chatbots are programmed by people. It happens regularly that a chatbot contains language and spelling mistakes. The chatbot will repeat these language- and spelling mistakes over and over again, which makes it look unprofessional to the customer.  

At MisterChat we employ people with excellent knowledge of the Dutch language. They will answer your customers in a professional way. This not only has a positive effect on the look and feel of your website but also leaves a good impression on your customer.

Chatbots are actually misleading to your customers

Chatbots often pretend to be a real person by using name and picture. When the customer starts the conversation, he notices almost immediately that he is not talking to a person but with a chatbot. The customer is deceived from the first moment of contact and that does not leave a good impression. 

At MisterChat we use our staff to speak to your customers. This way your customers can count on personal and friendly service. Your customers will feel understood and this creates a good first impression.

Never miss out on another opportunity!

Don't let clients pass you by, make use of our chat service, where your potential clients are welcomed 24/6! Start today!

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