Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
30 November 2021
Social Media Live Chat

Do you always manage to speak to your customers within 5 seconds on social media 16 hours a day? For 99 percent of companies the answer is no. But thanks to the social care of MisterChat we can manage this 7 days a week. This way we turn a question into a lead for your company and not for the competition. 

What is social media live chat?

With social media live chat your company is available 7 days a week and 16 hours a day to all 3 billion users on Facebook and Instagram. At MisterChat we take over your social media chat service. In doing so, we turn customers who ask questions via social media into actual leads while we answer their questions with the proper care.

How does social media live chat work?

At MisterChat we work with a chat software that quickly responds to your customers when they ask a question via Facebook or Instagram. But this chat software is linked to one of our employees who takes over the conversation from the chat software when necessary. In this way, your customers also experience personal guidance.

What are the benefits of social media live chat?

Optimise the customer journey of your company. After all, social media is one of the first points of contact your customer has with your company. And if you cannot respond quickly enough, your customer will immediately have a bad feeling about your company.

Be in contact with 3 billion users. Instagram and Facebook have a combined total of 3 billion users. With social media live chat, it is possible to be in contact with those users on their favourite platform.

 Turn customer enquiries into concrete leads. By using the Social Care of Mister Chat we can turn the questions your customers ask via social media into concrete leads. By providing them with good support via social media. Increase your brand awareness and link ads. The better you speak to your customers, the bigger your brand will grow.

What makes the social media live chat of MisterChat so good?

At MisterChat we have experienced employees who know exactly how to respond to customers. In addition, we are fast, accurate and efficient in handling customer queries. For more information, please contact us.

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