Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
17 June 2021
Increase website conversion with MisterChat
Increase website conversion with MisterChat

Would you like to get the most out of your webshop, but do the sales figures leave much to be desired? Is your website frequently visited, but are you bringing in too few leads? High time to take a serious look at your conversion percentage.

Of course, there are countless solutions and adjustments that lead to increased conversions, but you often need to take a long test phase into account. Would you like to have a working tool for increasing your conversion rate and boosting your customer service at the same time? MisterChat has the live chat service for that.

  •      Immediate support via live chat.
  •     Take the worry out of your customer service and lead generation at the same time.
  •     Take away every imaginable barrier for your website visitors.
  •     A significant increase in your website performance.
  •     Optimise conversion without doing anything yourself!

 With our live chat service, we'll effortlessly get you a higher conversion rate. Curious how we do it? Discover the live chat!

Introduction to conversions

To get the highest results from your website, your strategy should revolve around conversion optimisation. That means focusing your activities on systematically increasing the conversion power of your website, so that more people perform the desired action.

What are conversions?

So what exactly are conversions? Conversion is about the specific action that you hope a visitor will perform on your website. Actions that count as conversions can differ for every website. For a website owner, the conversion is clear: the sale of products. The percentage that actually buys a product when visiting your website is your conversion rate.

Why you want to increase conversions

Increasing conversions is a logical goal of marketing activities. You don't invest time and money in attracting visitors for nothing, so the best thing you can do is turn someone who comes to your website into a customer immediately. For every visitor who succeeds in doing so, your conversion percentage will skyrocket and so, probably, will your turnover. Either way, you get more results from your existing website traffic!

Increase conversions with MisterChat Live Chat

If your aim is to increase conversions, you need to remove as many barriers as possible that stand in the way of this goal. The perfect tool for this is our live chat service, which makes contacting your company a lot easier. Whatever questions or doubts your website visitors may have, with MisterChat's live chat service they will be taken away in no time. In this way we generate leads that are more likely to convert and we keep your visitors happy.

The advantages of live chat

The positive influence a live chat service has on your conversion percentage is an obvious plus. But the advantages of MisterChat are also noticeable in other ways. You can sit back and relax when it comes to the live chat service. Our chat operators answer the chat on your behalf, so that you can focus on important tasks. And did you know that they do this within 5 seconds? Test our own chat and see for yourself!

Get started right away!

MisterChat is the digital host of every website and we know how to achieve successful conversion rates. Curious about our live chat service? There is nothing to stop you from trying it. With us, you are not tied to a contract and you also benefit from free onboarding. Request a 7-day trial now and start working towards those high conversion rates!

Never miss out on another opportunity!

Don't let clients pass you by, make use of our chat service, where your potential clients are welcomed 24/6! Start today!

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