Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
13 augustus 2021
MisterChat & Lightspeed join forces!
Companies with a mission

"1+1 = 3" at least, in some cases. MisterChat is proud to shout its new partnership with Lightspeed from the rooftops. Since a few days our Live Chat app can be downloaded from the website of the worldwide known platform.

Both Lightspeed and MisterChat aim to let web shop owners perform to the maximum with their online efforts. A cooperation was therefore inevitable.

The strength of our cooperation

You are an entrepreneur and (future) owner of a web shop. Chances are that during your search for a suitable CMS, you came across Lightspeed. With the help of Lightspeed, you can build an efficient and effective webshop.

Everything is running and your page is starting to generate sales, but something is missing. Something or someone who turns your unknown visitors into familiar faces, answers questions and converts web shop visitors into concrete leads/sales. That is where MisterChat comes in. We tackle these problems and make your Lightspeed webshop even more targeted. 

What is Lightspeed

First a small step back, because to understand the added value of our live chat app, you need to understand what Lightspeed is. 

Lightspeed is the business platform that makes your online shop as attractive as possible to customers, all within seconds. Lightspeed is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit, add or remove content from your website very easily. And that's handy, because it means your webshop is always 100% up-to-date for your customers. Lightspeed also allows you to manage multiple systems simultaneously. This way, something that seems complex suddenly becomes very simple. 

Extensions for your Lightspeed webshop

When you build your Lightspeed webshop, you can choose to add various apps. You can see these apps as valuable additions that expand and improve your webshop. Think, for example, of Klarna, the app that makes payments a lot easier. This is just one of the many apps that can be downloaded from the Lightspeed Appstore.

The perks of MisterChat at Lightspeed

As of recently, MisterChat's live chat is one of the apps you can add to your Lightspeed website. And that has the following advantages: 

  • Easy to download via the Lightspeed Appstore.
  • Available 24/6 thanks to professional chatmasters.
  • Personal response within 5 seconds.
  • Turn webshop visitors into concrete leads.

MisterChat's live chat increases your sales. And for customers? Thanks to the live chat they are more likely to visit your website again because of the great customer service!

Install our Lightspeed App easily online

Would you like to experience for yourself what MisterChat's live chat can mean for your Lightspeed website? You can! Check out MisterChat's live chat at Lightspeed.

Never miss out on another opportunity!

Don't let clients pass you by, make use of our chat service, where your potential clients are welcomed 24/6! Start today!

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