Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
16 juli 2021
Generate more leads with your website

As a business, you want to give visitors to your webshop or website the best possible reception. A sale and/or lead is the ultimate goal. Collecting leads may sound complicated, but it certainly does not have to be. With the live chat from MisterChat it is very easy to get more leads. But how does it work with leads? We are happy to explain it to you. 

About leads

Leads ensure that your sales percentage increases. How? Quite simply. You can use the data you receive from leads for remarketing, e-marketing and other forms of acquisition. All ways to convince people to buy. But let's start at the beginning, namely the leads themselves. 

What are leads?

A lead is a potential new customer who is interested in the products or services your company offers or sells. For example, this lead has filled out a contact form, requested more information via your website or started a chat. With the information you received, you can contact the lead and turn him into a regular, satisfied customer. 

Tips for generating leads

How do you ensure that you convert website visitors into concrete leads? There are various ways of doing this, which we call lead magnets. The key is to offer something valuable that the potential new customer can use. A lead magnet is a discount, for example, or a free trial period. It also works well to give away information that partially answers the visitor's question. 

Increase the number of leads with Live Chat from MisterChat

The live chat of MisterChat is the perfect way to increase the number of leads. Through a website it is sometimes difficult for customers to get in touch. There may be a phone number or email address listed, but it's still quite a step to use it. A live chat solves this problem, because website visitors can contact you directly! 

The perks of Live chat

Generating more leads is not the only benefit of our live chat. You also take customer satisfaction to a higher level, as our live chat operators respond within 5 seconds. There is no more personal way to answer questions! What's more, you can attend to other important matters at the same time.

Get started immediately

Curious about the live chat of MisterChat? Then try it out for free! For 7 days you can experience how easy it is to generate more leads with our live chat. No hassle with contracts, just free of charge. What is stopping you? Choose the free trial now and give your lead generation a boost!

Never miss out on another opportunity!

Don't let clients pass you by, make use of our chat service, where your potential clients are welcomed 24/6! Start today!

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