Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
Livechat service

With MisterChat's livechat we can help your customers 24/6. We are the digital host that brings online visitors into direct contact with your company. We give them the opportunity to contact you in an approachable way, and thus take away both the concerns of the customer and yours. This way, you won't miss out on any potential sales or leads. Especially in these crucial times!

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Reachable 24/6 (Monday to Saturday).
  • Answer questions within 5 seconds.
  • Convert online visitors into real leads.
  • Get the most out of online visitors
  • We answer the chats in order for you to focus on more important matters.
Live chat on your website

A live chat function on your website will boost customer satisfaction. Users appreciate the immediate support they can get via live chat.

A website chat is an easy way to get in touch with you, especially when you compare it to phone calls or e-mails. It is much easier for online visitors to 'just' send you a message. And because we at MisterChat, unlike other providers, also answer the chat, online visitors that ask questions get an immediate answer!

Curious how swiftly we respond? Try it yourself!

Every evening (online) shopping evening. Extensive chat times provide us with many customers.

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Live chat service from MisterChat

By using the live chat service of MisterChat you bring your customer service to a higher level. This is possible with excellent chat software, but only when it is combined with the proactive attitude of MisterChat's experienced live chat operators. You benefit from actual leads, the customer is satisfied by the answer to their question.

We focus on two people: you and your client. Through our personal onboarding process we ensure that, in addition to being swift, we always give the right answers. We make this insight clear for you by providing you with weekly reports on the content of the conversations.

Relieve your customer service

With live chat, you can convert online visitors into actual leads, but that's not all. Live chat will (partially) alleviate your customer service, because you will always be available and will be able to respond quickly. Read more about how outsourcing customer service can be beneficial for your website.

Outsource live chat

With Misterchat you do not only choose for chat software on your website, but for completely outsourcing your live chat. In contrast to other providers we will answer all questions, so that all opportunities of a chatfunction will be used. After all, what use is a chat function if it is not used to its full potential?

Outsourcing the live chat is more cost effective and more successful than hiring staff for this purpose. In addition to €15,- euros for the basic fee, you only pay for the actual chats that are being answered via the website. For an average medium-sized company, this means approximately €100 per month for complete carefree service! You can't put your own staff up to that, right?

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