Provide a great customer service for your business with MisterChat. Your customer is digital and is always online but wants real personal contact.

By equipping you with our omnichannel software and letting our professionals handle it non-stop, we make sure you are there for your customers when they need you. No matter which channel and time, your customers get the support they deserve. 

Customerservice is not an department, but an attitude

It is only right that your customers get all the attention. They deserve it, because they are the heart of your company. For many companies it is easier said than done that customer service should be an "attitude". It takes a vision, a way of working and the right tooling to realise this.

We ensure interaction on all channels and help lay the foundation for building lasting relationships through our software and our people.

Lightning-fast support

With the customer service solution of MisterChat every customer can be welcomed and spoken to from 07.30 to 23.00 and 6 days a week. Our employees can log into your system to, for example, view order statuses or plan appointments. All this from any channel and at any time.

All our employess are trained on your brand. Genuine brand ambassodors!

Brand identity

We make sure you can stay true to your brand identity, on both desktop and mobile.

Our Omnichannel Communication software, which we design specifically for you, is styled in your corporate colours so that every customer feels at home immediately.

Every evening (online) shopping evening. Extensive chat times provide us with many customers.

Ingeborg Spruijt - Kooyman Eigen Huis

Outsource customer service

A customer service is indispensable for a good customer relationship and ensures not only loyal customers, but also many more customers. 

We believe that human contact is indispensable to help the customer cross the threshold of your company and make him loyal to you. Because let's face it; who gets excited by talking to a robot or even worse, having to wait for answers?

Therefore, our people are real customer service specialists who can perfectly translate your message to the consumer. They are taught how to help different types of customers in the most efficient way possible.

By outsourcing your customer service, you have time to do business and we provide an excellent customer experience and also many more leads. What more could you want!

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„Ihr potenzieller Kunde erwartet im Jahr 2022 hyperpersonalisierten Service, Kontakt in Echtzeit und Gastfreundschaft ohne Unterbrechung. Wenn er das nicht erhält, wird er weg sein.“

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