Misterchat Your Customer Service
Misterchat Your Customer Service
Lead Generation

Your customers is often very volatile and wants instant gratification. MisterChat helps companies to meet this growing need through real-time conversations. These conversations are a great way to generate leads and build a loyal customer base. Chat is a proactive tool that wins over all other communication tools that are increasingly becoming barriers to entry. 

"Be proactive!"

 "The first contact is worth its weight in gold"

The company that is the first to offer an opened door leaves an indelible impression on the customer. It prevents the visitor from surfing to a competitor. With our live chat solution, you can increase website conversions through fast interaction. With chat, you can fully support all your website visitors through the entire buying process up to and including the deal or appointment. 

B2B Lead generation

Our omnichannel communication service is of great value as a B2B lead generation tool. Your client is increasingly online 24 hours a day and likes to communicate via his favourite channels. Due to the fleeting and often anonymous behaviour of the lead, it is extremely important to intercept them non-stop and proactively. As a result, we generate 25% more leads in the B2B sector than before. You generate a higher ROI on your marketing efforts and no longer miss any valuable leads. 

Every evening (online) shopping evening. Extensive chat times provide us with many customers.

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„Ihr potenzieller Kunde erwartet im Jahr 2022 hyperpersonalisierten Service, Kontakt in Echtzeit und Gastfreundschaft ohne Unterbrechung. Wenn er das nicht erhält, wird er weg sein.“

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